360 company -level Pandabuy Links For Nike Marathon 3rd generation of three -generation men's shoes and diamonds, handsome Pandabuy Links For Nike top cushioning new shoes appeared at Pandabuy Links For Nike Zoomx

360 company -level Pandabuy links for Nike Marathon 3rd generation of three -generation men's shoe diamonds, handsome Pandabuy links for Nike Zoomx Vaporfly Next 3, Sports Slow -run Shoe upper, which is woven by all -in -one You can see that the position of the shoe neckline inside the shoes is higher and the whole pair of shoe breathable effects must not be said that the tongue is semi -fixed design to effectively improve the problem of shifts during running. Still the bottom of the sandwich structure, but the most obvious changes in the details are that the length of the original upsolation to the diamond shape is shortened, but the width has increased the stability of the floor. Through the zoomx foam, you can see that the built -in FlyPlate carbon board has obviously changed the appearance of the 2nd generation and 3 generations. Almost the 2 generation of lines are softer and the overall streamlined. The bottom is widened to increase the stability and the middle bottom side. A piece of reducing the weight of the weight of the weight of the heavy outsole is empty. The pores that are different from the 2nd generation, the pores are larger, thinner, and the air -breathable goods number FV3633018 code 3945 contains half yard XM0120Q599

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